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Title Accurate Mass Analysis of Components Eluting from Dried Blood Spots
Summary The mass spectrometric analysis of compounds eluted from dried blood spots (DBS) is a well accepted technique, with the majority of analyses using multiple reaction monitoring on triple quadrupole instruments. Under these conditions, only selected molecules of interest are detected, while other components from the dried blood spots are not analyzed. However, identification of these components may benefit the development of new clinical assays, or lead to improvements in the performance of established assays.
Category 1. Prospekt 1 Application information

These applications were mostly done on Prospekt1 and can offer a good starting point when executed on Symbiosis. Care should be taken on differences in volume (SDU vs. HPD). Also, most information is based on other detectors than MS
Matrix blood
Market Clinical
Technique DBS
Cartridge 10x2 mm HySphere 7 μm C18 HD SPE cartridge
Detection PerkinElmer AxIon 2 TOF mass spectrometer
Compounds nortriptyline, oxidized heme, hemoglobin α and β subunits, peptides, lipids, acylcarnitines, Creatine, Glycine Betaine, phosphatidyl choline, lysophosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl ethanolamine, octanoylcarnitine;, octadecanoylcarnitine, sodium, potassium
Compound Group peptides, lipds, drugs, antidepressant, metal ions
Contact Robert J. Seward1, Jonathan Wilson1, Dhvani Shah1, Catherine Stacey1, and Lena Knegt2
Account PerkinElmer, Inc., 940 Winter Street, Waltham, MA USA (800) 762-4000 or (+1) 203 925-4602 www.perkinelmer.com
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Date 10.12.2019
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