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Title Simultaneous Analysis of Seven Amphetamine Class Drugs in Urine for Forensic Toxicology
Summary In this study, an assay has been developed for the simultaneous measurement of amphetamine class drugs from urine. T he method utilizes LC /MS and an online SPE system. T his combination of SPE sample preparation coupled with the analytical power of LC /MS is able to deliver an efficient assay for this commonly abused class of drug compounds. It was seen that urine contains a significant level of matrix interferences that cause ion suppression in the analysis of amphetamines. To optimize the sensitivity of methods for analyzing amphetamines using urine as a sample matrix, these interferences must be removed. T he use of the online SPE sample preparation in t he met hod was found to greatly reduce the matrix effects from urine, and allowed for measurement of amphetamines at significantly lower levels than simple urine “dilute and shoot” methods. T he reproducibility of sample analysis with online SPE was judged to be very good even when injecting samples onto different disposable online SPE cartridges. T he LC/MS system utilized in this work completely automated, and effectively integrated SPE sample preparation and LC/MS into a single platform.
Category 2. Symbiosis Application Notes

These are application notes that have been made in our application lab. They were based on customer demo's and customer method development requests. They include sorbent screening, a calibration curve and are optimized for carry over. They are not always (completely) validated
Matrix Urine
Market OSM Toxicology
Technique online SPE
Cartridge Waters ACQUIT Y Online SPE Manager C 18 Cartridge
Detection Waters Xevo® TQD
Compounds Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Phentermine, ropylamphetamine, MDA, MDMA, MDEA
Compound Group Amphetamine
Contact Jeremy Netto,
Account Waters Corporation
Published Poster, Technical Brief
Date 04.08.2015
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