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Title Method Development and Validation for Dried Blood Spot Analysis based on Flow Through Desorption, Solid-Phase Extraction and Mass Spectrometry
Summary Reduction of blood volume required for bioanalysis is of great importance for pharmacological data from pre-clinical studies and for animal welfare. Ideally, blood volumes taken should allow single-animal pharmacokinetic (PK) studies. For small animals such as rats and in particular mice, this is challenging, since only a few μL of blood can be withdrawn at every time point. In an earlier study we showed that small blood sample volumes could be collected on specially designed "sorbent sampling" cartridges and analyzed using a Spark Holland Symbiosis system.[1] The technique was successfully applied to record full PK data from single mouse. Recently, a new technology for online desorption of dried blood spots cards has replaced the sorbent sampling format.[2] In this work the results of a first evaluation of this new technology for very small blood volumes are shown.
Category 4. Symbiosis User Applications in cooperation with SPARK or AS

These are applications that have been made by Symbiosis customers and are based on the SPE and LC method principles as used by Spark. They are validated and have been published. These are 'ready to use applications
Matrix Whole blood, dried blood
Market Pharmaceutical, Clinical
Technique online SPE
Cartridge HySphere C18HD
Detection AB Sciex API 4000 Qtrap
Compounds test mixture of 6 compounds and 3 internal standards
Compound Group
Sample_volume 1 microlitre
Contact Chris Swaanen
Account MSD, Oss, The Netherlands
Published Poster presented at EBF meeting, Barcelona, 2011
Date 23.07.2013
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Status Published