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Title On-line Bio-Affinity Solid Phase Extraction for high-quality HPLC-Flu and HPLC-MS/MS analysis
Summary Antibody-antigen affinity is a highly selective affinity mechanism and Bio-affinity SPE (BASPE) based on this mechanism is widely used in off-line mode for extraction of mycotoxins from food extracts. For on-line BASPE, however, the lack of pressure resistant support material with low non-specific binding, has restricted its use. We have developed BASPE sorbents based on a newly developed polymeric support material, modified with abundant hydrophilic groups to reduce non-specific binding to the level of sepharose (sepharose is mainly used as support for off-line BASPE). With several model target analytes we investigated the loading capacity, recovery, (dry) storage conditions respectively stability as well as compatibility with LC-MS/MS of BASPE based 20 mg cartridges. To demonstrate the potential of the new material we succesfully developed and validated on-line BASPE-LC-Flu and on-line BASPE-LC-MS/MS assays using a Symbiosis platform for on-line SPE-LC.
Category 4. Symbiosis User Applications in cooperation with SPARK or AS

These are applications that have been made by Symbiosis customers and are based on the SPE and LC method principles as used by Spark. They are validated and have been published. These are 'ready to use applications
Matrix Green tea, beer, wine, plasma
Market Environmental, Clinical
Technique online SPE
Cartridge Bio affinity SPE
Detection Fluorescence, UV, MS
Compounds ochratoxine, testosterone
Compound Group Microtoxins,
Sample_volume 200 µL
Contact Monika Pazdanska, Ria Rhemrev-Boom, Emile Koster and Bert Ooms
Account Spark Holland, Emmen ResQLab, Nijeveen
Published Poster HPLC 2010
Date 02.11.2011
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Status Published