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Title Determination of THC-COOH in Urine
Summary An automated, online SPE-LC-MS-MS method for the analysis of 11-nor-delta-9-carboxy-THC in human urine specimens was developed. The method was linear (R2 = 0.9986) to 1000 ng/mL, with no carryover evidenced at 2000 ng/mL. Limits of quantification and detection were found to be 2 ng/mL. Within-batch precision of a 15 ng/mL control (n=5) ranged from 0.58% coefficient of variation (% CV) to 7.4 % CV over nine analytical batches. Between-batch precision was 5.5 % CV over the same batch interval (n=45). Interference was tested using (±)-11-hydroxy-delta-9-THC, cannabidiol, (-)-delta-8-THC, and cannabinol. One hundred and nineteen specimens previously found to contain 11-nor-delta-9-carboxy-THC by GC-MS were compared to the SPE-LC-MS-MS method. Excellent agreement was found (R2 = 0.9982) for the parallel comparison study. The automated SPE procedure eliminates the human factors of specimen handling, extraction, and derivatization, thereby reducing labor costs and rework resulting from batch handling issues. Additionally, method runtime is greatly reduced (e.g., during parallel studies the SPE-LC-MS-MS instrument was often finished with analysis by the time the technician finished the offline SPE and derivatization procedure for GC-MS).
Category 4. Symbiosis User Applications in cooperation with SPARK or AS

These are applications that have been made by Symbiosis customers and are based on the SPE and LC method principles as used by Spark. They are validated and have been published. These are 'ready to use applications
Matrix Urine
Market Toxicology, Clinical, Forensic
Technique online SPE
Cartridge HySphere C8EC SE
Detection MS (Waters Quattro Micro)
Compounds THC-COOH, Carboxy delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol
Compound Group THC-COOH, Carboxy delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol
Sample_volume 500 µL
Contact Mr. Paul Robandt. Mr. K.L Klette, Mr. Martin Sibum
Account Naval Medical Centre, Navy Drug Screening Laboratory 34425 Farenholt Avenue, Suite 40 San Diego, CA 92134-7040 USA. Spark holland, Emmen, the Netherlands
Published Journal of Toxicology Oct 2009, in Press
Date 01.07.2009

Status Article is accepted, published in Oct 2009