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Title A new sample introduction technique for mass spectrometry that allows for dried blood spot analysis and online SPE
Summary Blood samples were directly flushed from the paper towards a SPE cartridge and sufficient clean-up was obtained to measure Propranolol, Haloperidol, Amitriptyline and Verapamil by means of MS/MS without the need of an LC separation. The new DBS-SPE-MS/MS methodology can also be considered as DBS-LC-MS/MS with a disposable mini LC column and additional clean-up tools.
Category 1. Prospekt 1 Application information

These applications were mostly done on Prospekt1 and can offer a good starting point when executed on Symbiosis. Care should be taken on differences in volume (SDU vs. HPD). Also, most information is based on other detectors than MS
Matrix blood
Market clinical
Technique DBS
Cartridge HySphere C18HD 10x2 mm
Detection ESI-MS (API4000, Applied Biosystems)
Compounds Propranolol, Haloperidol, Amitriptyline, Verapamil
Compound Group beta blocker, Inderal, Haldol, antipsychotic, tricyclic antidepressant, Elavil, Verapamilhydrochlorid, class-IV antiarrhythmic
Sample_volume 15 µL
Contact Lena Khadnevich and Emile Koster
Account Spark Holland, Pieter de Keyserstraat 8, 7800AJ, Emmen, The Netherlands, Phone (+31) 591 631 700, E-mail: emile.koster@sparkholland.com, Website: www.sparkholland.com
Published poster
Date 10.12.2019
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