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Title The determination of ketoprofen in human whole blood using dried blood spot sampling and LC-MS/MS analysis
Summary The objective of this work was: (i) to develop a dried blot spot (dbs) sampling method for ketoprofen, (ii) to develop a sensitive and selective bioanalytical LC-MS/MS method for the determination of ketoprofen in whole blood and in dried blood spots, (iii) to compare these methods with a previously validated method in human plasma, and (iv) to apply the method to monitor the ketoprofen concentrations in a pharmacokinetic study.
Category 1. Prospekt 1 Application information

These applications were mostly done on Prospekt1 and can offer a good starting point when executed on Symbiosis. Care should be taken on differences in volume (SDU vs. HPD). Also, most information is based on other detectors than MS
Matrix Blood
Market Clinical
Technique DBS
Detection API3000 LC-MS/MS system (SCIEX)
Compounds Ketoprofen
Compound Group anti-inflammatory drug
Sample_volume 30 µL
Contact E. Mallat, M.J. Dröge, R. Wessel, F. Oostebring, H. Rutgers, K. de Jonge, E. Oosting
Account Analytisch Biochemisch Laboratorium BV W.A. Scholtenstraat 7 9403 AJ Assen The Netherlands
Published poster
Date 19.11.2019
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